YouTube® Growth Package
YouTube® Growth Package
YouTube® Growth Package
YouTube® Growth Package

YouTube® Growth Package

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How Do We Rank Your Youtube Video In The Top 5 Search Results?

Our YouTube Growth Package combines a powerful SEO optimization strategy with social media marketing & website video embeds to explode your subscriber count, video views, likes and shares. Most importantly it will rank one of your videos in the top 5 search results for a longtail keyword of your choice.

If you know anything about Youtube marketing, ranking top 5 is HUGE! Longtail Keywords must be at least 4-5 words in order for us to GUARANTEE RANKING in the top 5 search results. If you have trouble deciding which longtail keyword to optimize for, we can make the best suggestion based on your niche and industry.

Want to rank for a shorter keyword? Contact us directly for a custom quote.

Why Is It Important To Rank High On Youtube SEO?

Ranking high for Youtube SEO has many advantages including more views, longer watch time and more people sharing your video, all of these metrics help to improve your channel's overall popularity. We always aim to get your video in the top 5 search results for maximum exposure and results.

A video ranking in the top 5 search results of Youtube loads "above the fold"; meaning it's among the only videos visible upon the initial loading of a youtube search query. A Youtube video making it into the top 5 search results is 2.5x more likely to be watched than a video in the top 10, and is 3.8x more likely to be watched than videos in the top 20. 

YouTube has its own algorithm separate from Google that it uses to rank videos, but the quality of search traffic from Youtube is just as valuable to your brand or website. Numbers don't lie, ranking higher on youtube makes a big difference and we want to make sure you're a the top of your game!

By using rich keywords in your video descriptions and well-researched meta tags, our Youtube marketing experts target only users who would be interested in your channel’s content; no spam, no gimmicks! We then proceed to drive traffic to your video and channel from high-quality social media accounts and websites to rank for the intended keyword.

Enjoy being able to unleash your creative talent, you concentrating on creating new amazing content, without the endless drain of manual self-promotion!

What Are The Benefits Of Our Youtube Growth Package?

  • Youtube Channel Setup & Optimization ~ Review and optimize your Channel's social integrations, description, meta tags and settings.
  • Keyword Optimization ~ Select a video to have it's title, description and meta tags optimized for the greatest results possible.
  • Custom Youtube Thumbnails ~ Your video will have an eye-catching thumbnail specially designed to increase click-through rates.
  • Video Embedding ~ Your video will be embedded and watched on THOUSANDS of websites, blogs and social media accounts.
  • Video Comments ~ Comment on other user’s YouTube videos. Most users will receive an email notification of the comment.
  • Channel Comments ~ Comment on other user’s YouTube channel. Most users will also receive an email notification.
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe ~ Subscribe to other user’s YouTube channels so that they will notice you and subscribe back.
  • Like Videos ~ Like other user’s YouTube videos to help gain attention to your own channel.
  • Geo-location ~ Location-based targeting for businesses 
  • Never-Ending Attention ~ Grow your Youtube channel while you sleep!
  • Solid Client Support ~ 24 Hour Email Response Time
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee ~ Top search results or your money back.
  • 100% Youtube TOS Compliance ~ Never risk having your account suspended or banned.

"Will my Video go Viral after using your Youtube Growth Package?"

It largely depends a lot on type of video, quality of content and taste of Audience. We try our best to push your video through the right channels and this may cause your video to go Viral. However, due to uncontrolled behavior of Audience, we don't promise that exclusively.

Why Choose Our Youtube Promotion Service?

◈ Over 150 happy clients with successful top rankings
◈ 7 years+ experience in social media marketing
◈ Only interested people will watch your video - NO BOTS!
◈ 100% Top 5 Ranking with money back guarantee

Start ranking at the top of Youtube searches with our powerful marketing strategies.

We take 10 days to deliver Youtube Growth Packages. Videos take an average 2-4 weeks to rank at the top of search results but sometimes sooner depending on the niche/industry. 

We've got you covered! Take advantage of our discounted growth package today and watch your Youtube channel explode! We are so confident of our ability to deliver top 5 ranking results that we back our packages with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Take action RIGHT NOW by clicking ADD TO CART above, and experience professional youtube account management today!