Vancouver Firestopping Contractor

Lockhart Sealant Ltd. is a Vancouver firestsopping contractor providing waterproofing & firestopping services to home owners, contractors, property managers & developers in British Columbia and Canada at large.


 Over the past 30 years, Lockhart Sealant has completed everything from small multi-family & residential jobs, to large commercial & industrial projects all across Canada. 

Lockhart Sealant’s employees are qualified and experienced in waterproofing, fire stopping, building maintenance & carpentry. Call them if you want your next project to look great & function properly.


If you have any questions, Contact Them and they can walk you through any of the services provided below & give a full understanding of the process or materials.


It Happens Much To Often That Contractors Use People Who Aren’t Properly Trained To Firestop. They Use Whatever Materials Were Handy At The Time, Smeering Red Caulk And Moving On. Firestopping Application Done In This Manor Isn’t Safe Or Professional. That’s Why Its Important To Hire The Experts At Lockhart Sealant For All Your Firestopping Needs, They Have A Vast Knowledge Of Systems & Materials, Insuring Safety & Compliance. 

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