The Ultimate Guide to Growing a Profitable Youtube Channel [2019]


In this article we outline the best tips, tricks and tools for growing a profitable YouTube Channel. With hundreds of millions of members, and millions of new videos being added every day, having a YouTube channel for your online business or personal brand is definitely a smart play!

Social media is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to Internet Marketing, but Youtube is special because it's actually a search engine, not a social media platform.

Instead of interrupting someone's normal daily routine to try to get them interested in your content (like with most social media), people on youtube are actively SEARCHING for exactly what you offer!

This usually means the intention to take an action (like/subscribe/purchase) is much higher, meaning the traffic is usually more valuable than other sources.

Having access to 100M+ YouTube viewers from all over the world is the best way to increase the number of visitors to your website or brand and helps to boost your conversion rate big time.

There are many things a person can do to grow a successful Youtube channel, however, we believe in the 80/20 rule: 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts, so it's good to know where you should be directing your time and energy;

YouTube Monetization Techniques

There are many ways to make money with Youtube, including asking for donations through Patreon, this works well for many niches where you give out value for free. There is also the standard Google Adsense monetization that is usually granted to channels with 1,000 subscribers (easiest way to achieve ad monetization).

YouTube can be use to promote other people's products or brands (affiliate marketing), as well as drive traffic to blogs or websites owned by you to sell your own services or products. Our favorite is affiliate marketing as it's very passive and doesn't require any upfront capital or investment so we usually suggest that to clients first and foremost.

To find relative affiliate programs in your niche or industry just type into google "*my niche* affiliate program", or visit large affiliate marketplacces like Clickbank or JV Zoo to get started!

Our Favorite Youtube Tools:

  1. Account & Video Promotion - ISG's Youtube Growth Package
  2. Youtube Analytics - TubeBuddy
  3. Youtube Audio Transcription - REV
  4. Live-streaming Software - OBS Project

Top 8 Tips for Growing Your Youtube channel  (no particular order of importance)

#1 - Post at least one high-quality video to your channel every week

The key to any online business is to keep your content fresh and plentiful. Do not fall into the trap of putting all of your eggs into one basket. People get bored really easily, even the most interesting content can get old quickly in . So, remember, establish a good schedule of new, interesting and relevant videos to attract more loyal subscribers..

#2 - Be judicious with your video production time

Remember the 80/20 rule? Do not overextend your time on one video in hopes to make it a work of art. Perfection is paralysis. Taking too much time for each video, trying to make it perfect will take away from your ability to post more content. Working smarter is much better than working harder any day of the week.

#3 - Include a catchy "hook" to grab your viewers attention and a "call to action" to drive them to subscribe/comment/share/like etc.

Make sure that all the videos on your channel have a hook in the title, that is also spoken in the first couple seconds of the video to ensure that you keep the viewer's attention. Hooks are usually short, witty, controversial, or entertaining catchphrases. It is very important that the hook is relevant to the rest of content in the video.

Follow up the hook with a call to action, pushing viewers to like/subscribe/share/comment in order to drive traction to your video and channel. Studies have shown viewers are up to 3x more likely to engage a video or channel when prompted with a CALL TO ACTION, engagement sends a message to YouTube's algorithm so that your video is more likely to be promoted in search results and "related videos" sections.

#4 - Remember that viewers have short attention spans so avoid opening with too long a title

To avoid the pitfalls of a short attention span that is common with the type of instant-gratification society we have become, you should steer clear of long titles and opening credits. In this case, LESS IS MORE.

#5 - Use analytics to replicate what is working to attract more viewers to your videos

It is extremely important to know what works and what does not work when it comes to making videos and building up your Youtube channel for your business. It is important to take advantage of all of the analytics that you can get your hands on.

We love a tool called TubeBuddy, it's a free chrome extension that allows you to easily check analytics for your niche/industry and spy on competitors or related videos to see what's working for others and replicate that in your own videos, plus a whole lot more!

On top of using analytics, it's important to help your videos rank by filling their descriptions with rich content that helps Youtube rank your content. Youtube doesn't just read your title and listen to your spoken words, it reads your description to understand what the video is about, so the more keyword-heavy content in your description the better.

The easiest way to do this is to transcribe your video's audio into text with paid tools like or free tools like Google Docs. Transcribing your youtube videos gives you mountains of relevant text to fill your video descriptions and without you needing to type it all yourself, saving you a shitload of time!

#6 - Long content videos help to keep viewers on your channel longer

One of the preferred methods for increasing the length time visitors stay on your channel is to provide long videos (average between 7-15 minutes in length). However, be careful not to pad the length with fluff as this will certainly be a turnoff. As long as you are providing quality content, the longer videos are good.

One of the main metrics Youtube uses to rank and promote your videos or channel is "total watch time". The longer you can keep people watching your videos the better, so longer videos play to your advantage.

#7 - Consider live-streaming as a way to attract more viewers

Live-streaming is the latest technology to hit the Internet and it is a big part of today’s Internet marketing. Adding live-streaming to your Youtube channel via the Youtube Live feature will definitely enhance the experience for your visitors on Youtube and so Youtube helps promote live-streamed videos in its feeds big time. We prefer OBS as it's easy for beginners to use and is totally free!

#8 - Create series videos to keep peoples attention

Binge watching is the thing these days with more and more people watching an entire series of videos non-stop for hours. The same thing can be a huge benefit in the business world,  multiple videos that share a common theme can be posted as a series so that the viewer can enjoy multiple videos one after the other, keeping them on you channel for an extended period of time, giving YouTube signals that your content is the cat's ass.