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Pomeranian puppies are one of the world’s most desirable puppies. Friendly and highly intelligent, these little furry companions are the perfect addition to any family. These puppies have brought renewed purpose, unconditional love, and lasting joy to our lives. Our goal is to share their magic with you.

Pom Palace is an exclusive family-run Pomeranian kennel in Vancouver, Canada. We pride ourselves on providing premium puppies to families that deserve unconditional love from a furry companion. We guarantee the highest-quality puppies for our clients, carefully bred and selected to have luscious triple coat fur, short legs, and adorably small snouts.

Our premium Pomeranian puppies are for sale, but only to responsible families who acknowledge the responsibility of caring for a puppy. Our puppies come from clean, socialized and loving environments, and we expect their forever families to continue this standard of living. This is why we screen all our potential clients to make sure they are in alignment with our vision of loving homes dedicated to the welfare of the puppies.

Each one of our Pomeranian puppies are healthy, special and unique. Our puppies come from our kennel or our carefully-selected line of reputable, ethical and internationally-renowned breeders specializing in Pomeranian breeding. We do not support nor align ourselves with puppy mills or farms.

Explore our extensive lineup of beautiful Pomeranian puppies in our gallery. Our puppies are also available for international shipping by direct flight to almost all major cities in the world. Contact us today to find the perfect puppy for you and your family!

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