7 Instagram Marketing Strategies for Artists [2018]

As opposed to a couple of decades ago, modern-day artists don’t need to be so desperate to sell their pieces to art enthusiasts. As long as the work is elite, today’s artists have plenty of ways to find potential buyers pretty easily – more importantly, without the interference of so-called elite art dealers. Thanks to the recent advancements of the technology, any artist can make their work available for everyone to experience.  


Just like most of the businesses (regardless of the scale) across the globe, modern-day art community have embraced the online world very tightly. If you are an artist, you can make use of social media to make your future a lucrative one; you can use social media to get connected with fellow artists. More importantly, you can use social media to build a solid fan base that will eventually convert into a stream of revenue.


Instagram, by far, is the best social media platform for artists due to obvious reasons. As we all know, Instagram primarily operates based on image sharing. Already, many artists sell majority of their pieces over Instagram. In fact, Instagram offers an exceptional accessibility to the viewers. Instagram contents can be shared across other social media platforms conveniently and therefore, it makes the perfect platform for artists across the globe to reach hundreds of millions of users. This excellent photo sharing platform shows seamless compatibility with mobile devices too.


If you are a talented artist who hasn’t tried Instagram yet or if you are already in Instagram and not aware of how to make the best use of it, here are some suggestions to consider. 


  1. What you post must be interesting and relevant

As an Instagram user, you can post pretty much everything you like. But, if you want to build a professional Instagram profile that can attract art enthusiasts, you should always be specific with your posts. What you post must be relevant to your artistic work and they should be interesting too. Perhaps, you can consider posting the progress of your latest painting. If not, you can post something that inspired you to create a painting. All these posts should have a relevance to what you are trying to sell.


  1. The images you post must be of high-quality

Although this sounds like a no brainer, some artists tend to upload images without thinking much about the quality and the angle. As a professional artist who tries to market yourself through Instagram, you should take the quality of the images pretty seriously. The wisest approach is to hire a professional photographer to get the best out of your craft. What you invest on such photographer can deliver you amazing benefits. In a nutshell, you shouldn’t spoil your precious work by uploading low-quality images.


  1. Know the importance of using appropriate captions

Instagram is surely among the best social media platforms that tells visual stories. You can add more meaning and glamor to the images you post in Instagram simply by using appropriate captions. If not, you can consider adding a story to the respective image and make the post more persuasive. Meaningful posts can encourage customers to engage more with your profile. You should remember that you are addressing a crowd that has a decent taste. So, keep them stimulated, thrilled and excited about your work by using captions.


  1. Distinguish yourself as an artist

You should use your Instagram account to promote you as a professional artist. The images you use and the captions or stories you use must support this mission and lift you up as a creative person. All the posts you do must help you establish as an artist. If you want to post something personal once in a while (for instance, a dinner by a beach resort), you should do it promoting yourself as an artist. You have the creativity already; just use it and lift yourself up.


  1. Maintain a smart frequency when posting

It is completely OK to post frequently on Instagram. But, you should always give preference to quality instead of quantity. No matter how many posts you publish, all of them must be in excellent quality. It is better to know that one good quality post is more valuable compared to a bulk of paled ones. If you have a smallest doubt about the quality of any image, skip it.


  1. Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags are an important aspect associated with a good Instagram marketing campaign. They play a major role when attracting new followers and keeping the fan base engaged. Using hashtag, you can categorize your posts relevantly. When your posts are categorized properly, you have a greater chance of emphasizing the profile in platform. Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use hashtags wildly; although Instagram lets you use 30 hashtags with each post, it is better to limit them to a maximum of 10. Overusing hashtags don’t do any good. Overused and irrelevant hashtags is more like spamming. Just plan your hashtags to address the best potential audience for better results. Also, it is best to wait until you have a larger fan base (1,000+ followers) to launch a hashtag campaign.


  1. Be a proactive Instagrammer

Just like when you are using other social media platforms, Instagram too allows you interacting with your fans and fellow artists. By maintaining a healthy connection with fellow artists, you can get to know the behavior of the fans. Do not hesitate to comment on the images they have published. Also, their campaigns can provide significant inspiration to you.


As an artist, you shouldn’t be too persuasive to sell your work. Instead, you should build a professional portfolio and pump in value to your work online. Gradually, you work will be valued by you fan base and selling will automatically begin. Your campaign should create a demand for your artistic work; if you show desperation to sell your art, their value will degrade. So, make use of this wonderful platform wisely and monetize your creativity. Good luck!