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We present DIY BLINDS in Miami, Florida. Your custom blinds, their simple set up.

Simple Setup. Stylish Savings. At our very foundation, this is what we stand for and who we are. Our intention is to inspire a DIY Mentality and to equip you with the best possible pricing and solution for the custom blinds you desire at a price you can afford. Simple checkout, simple process, and our simple set up. Making the things you want in life, that much easier to have when you can just DIY.


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All you need are the measurements of where you wish your new custom blinds to go. From there, the custom ordering process is simple, quick and only a few clicks away from your new DIY Blinds.

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Within minutes from your order taking place our dedicated staff processes, manages and begins the custom solution for your DIY Blinds . Upon completion, our blinds are delivered to your door in a short time.

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Easy DIY Set Up

Made by the customer for the customer. No need for a professional team, you are the professional with DIY BLINDS. Follow our simple guide below to set up you custom blinds in minutes.


You will fall in love with these DIY BLINDS. Get an upscale look with Cordless Faux Wood Blinds by DIY Blinds, replicating the unique style of real wood at an economical price. Featuring moisture-resistant slats that can withstand both humidity and heat, these blinds are great for all rooms. Includes install hardware, cord tilt, and traditional valance. Our Faux wood blinds are especially popular in homes for parents with small children. A practical choice with the style of real wood. Easy to clean, easy to operate and easy to install, that’s the DIY Blinds way.  



Blackout Shades are great for media rooms and bedrooms, eliminating nearly all sunlight from entering your room, while lending the look of sleek custom shades. They are available with an assortment of lifts and can be customized with an optional decorative valance. These blinds absorb UV rays, keep homes cooler throughout the day and help to lower air conditioning costs. They are also helpful for parents with infants, professionals who work the night shift and families who prefer to sleep in on weekends. Watch your favorite movies during the late morning or afternoon without squinting. Relax and unwind from a hard day’s work while the sun is setting . Watch an online presentation or cram for an exam without feeling uncomfortable heat or experiencing annoying glare. Available MOTORIZED! (Dark Source Cosmo Collection is Flame Retardant.)





Roller Shades are perfect for all rooms, especially ones where you want to eliminate outside light. They block UV rays from fading your furniture.

You can choose from different available opacities as below:

5%- Most common shade in the market. Blocks 95% of UV rays. (Flame Retardant, GreenGuard certified & anitmicrobial.)
3%- Blocks 97% of UV rays. (Flame Retardant, GreenGuard certified & anitmicrobial.)
1%- Blocks outs 99% of UV. (Flame Retardant, GreenGuard certified & anitmicrobial.)
Sheer- Sheer elegance. For just a hint of color and style.
Woven- Provides a great option to incorporate texture and dimension to your windows.
Translucent- Offers you privacy but they also allow light to enter your room.


Roller shades are budget-friendly at all ends of the spectrum and DIY Blinds make them that much more affordable without losing the style. Available MOTORIZED!



Zebra Shades are becoming known as the modern blinds of today. You can think of them as a hybrid of a standard blind and roller shade. These innovative blinds offers the light control of a blind AND the soft beauty of a fabric roller shade. Perfecting the transition between sheer and privacy with total light control and insulation. These blinds have an abundance of fabric options for any style, full light control, MOTORIZATION capabilities and more.


We all have our own taste and desires but that’s what makes Zebra shades so unique. No matter the room, the home, or the look you need, thanks to their sleek appearance, Zebra Shades are easy to put up anywhere and satisfy any look.


Upscale, innovative, a unique style that makes a statement. If you are looking for a wow factor, look no further.




You are the professional.

You do not need toStylish Savings be a rocket scientist or a blind specialist to set your new custom blinds up. The beauty of the DIY Blinds process is you get exactly what you want and you can set them up Our motors come preprogrammed to your specification, no professional help needed. If you need more information just watch our HOW TO videos.


Great Savings, Great Style, Great Feel.

We are by the customer for the customer. Too long has this industry marked up products too high or sacrificed style for savings. We have taken a stance to never sacrifice style or savings. Your custom feel, our incredible pricing, does it get much better?

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