How to build twitter following

The number of followers a particular Twitter account has is a clear indication of its success. Therefore, Twitter account holders try many different ways to grow the number of followers they have. Are you a twitter account holder who wants to increase the number of organic followers? If so, here are some important strategies on how to build twitter following.



  1. Make sure your profile is well maintained

You cannot expect to gain followers if your profile looks really sloppy and unprofessional. You must make sure to get a nice headshot and place it as the profile picture. You should also mention your twitter interest in the bio – so, likeminded followers will gather around your profile and start to retweet what you post. A professional looking profile always has greater credibility. Such approach can get more followers on your way.


  1. If you are busy, rely on a tweet schedule

No matter how busy you are, that shouldn’t be a reason to neglect maintaining your twitter account. If you are full of good twitter ideas but hardly have any time to tweet them on a regular basis, you should use a tweet schedule. Such approach lets you write your tweets first (when you have enough time to do so) and tweet them later on according to a prescheduled time. For instance, you can find a couple of hours on a weekend and write the tweets for the upcoming week. Then, using a scheduler, you can post the prewritten tweets on daily basis throughout the week. With this method, you can tweet your thoughts even if you don’t have access to a computer or mobile device. However, once in a while, you should find a couple of minutes to converse with the followers and do some retweeting in order to maintain the activeness of your profile. Gradually, your followers will find your profile to be a useful and active one.


  1. Be active, all the time

If your twitter account is inactive most of the time, you are less likely to succeed. So, every twitter account holder must take all the measures to be active as much as possible. You can easily get involve in the conversations that are already in place, follow celebrities, retweet, reply, share links to top quality contents etc. With such active behavior, you are likely to experience more number of followers easily. These followers start to rely on your profile since they see your activities online. 


  1. Make use of the twitter directories

Twitter directories are a way of categorizing available twitter users meaningfully. By using these directories, you can sort the users depending on their interests and expertise. Once the users are categorized, your twitter behaviors can be more rational and effective. All you have to find the niche you are interested in and get inspiration from their resources. Following relevant, quality and knowledgeable profiles will let you have really interesting and meaningful contents to retweet through your profile.


  1. Never forget the importance of hashtags

With meaningful and relevant hashtags, your tweets can circulate within the online community and deliver you amazing results in terms of followers. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to use hashtags wildly. Instead, you should be smart enough to pick appropriate hashtags. The hashtags you use must be able to define yourself and show your interests. With appropriate use of hashtags, you can notify your followers the niche you are interested in (what you will be tweeting about regularly) and have your tweet in the search results related to the respective hashtag. Either way, it is a win for you.

  1. Remember the importance of tweetups

Are you aware of tweetups? Well, if you are a twitter user, you must know what it is. Tweetups are the real-life gettogether events that takes place between twitter users. These tweetups give a great opportunity for you and your followers meet up and get to know each other in person. Apart from that, by inviting the networks of your twitter followers, you can get to know more people and make them your obvious followers. Be sure to pick arrange your tweetups with highly potential, elite and highly influential followers and other twitter users to make the most of it. You can tweet about the special moments about the event itself. Followers will be interested to know about the next tweetup too. 


  1. Promote your Twitter profile through other media

Thanks to the advancements of the technology, you have the good chance of connecting multiple social media platforms. Make use of this opportunity and share your twitter account through all the other media as much as possible. For instance, you can link your twitter account on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook, LinkedIn profile, blog, email signature and on any other media. If you think it is useful, you can promote your twitter account through offline media as well (such as, leaflets, TV commercials etc.). The more you promote, the better the chances of gaining new followers. However, be sure to promote your profile in an ethical, non-spammy way.


  1. Include your twitter username in your promotional and branding stuff

As mentioned earlier, you can think of promoting your twitter account through offline media as well. Your business card and promotional materials are among the most effective ways to promote your twitter account. For instance, you can share your business card with people who you meet at exhibitions, workshops, conferences, business meetings, parties and other networking events.


In addition to that, be sure to tweet interesting contents such as multimedia. Many people prefer to go through multimedia contents instead of lengthy paragraphs. So, you should be wise when selecting the contents to tweet.


Even if you do everything in order, the process isn’t complete until you start monitoring the growth of your followers. If you notice a drop in the average number of followers you gain on daily basis, you can adjust your strategies and get back in the path – it is possible only if you keep monitoring the growth of your twitter account.